Sundara Karma @ O2 Shepherds Bush Empire – 24.02.17.

Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect. The long awaited album was dropped early January by the 4 piece and certainly did not disappoint, but would they be able to replicate the success their debut album had on their tour?

From the moment the band took stage to Gwen Stefani’s – Hollaback Girl I knew I was going to be in for a treat, this was the icing on the cake when it come to pre-performance excitement and as this was the first time I was to see the band live I was expecting a show and my did they deliver.

The performance that was put on, was a perfect portrayal of class showmanship from the Reading-Based band, it was honestly a spectacle. An aesthetically pleasing light show accompanied by an array of colorful balloons thrown into the crowd really was the embodiment of beauty that the band radiates with their music.

Oscar Pollock, Sundara Karma’s front man emits authenticity, he has never been one to try and be someone who he’s not and his music perfectly encapsulates his curiosity of life and its meaning. Sending me as a member of their audience on a musical journey eating every word sung.

The workmanship and time which was invested into writing all of the performed songs were so clear, this being added to the beautifully orchestrated performance they gave, only has me praising the band and giving them a huge amount of respect not allowing pressure to ruin their creative process.

However being in the third tier of the venue did somewhat halt my enjoyment. I felt so far away from the boisterous crowd on the ground floor. Now, of course, I am aware this is at no fault of Sundara Karma as the show these guys threw in London was nothing short of amazing but I can’t help but feel somewhat left out of the party and due to this my overall experience was somewhat dampened.

3.5/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.

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