The Maine – Lovely Little Lonely

Pure summer vibes. The Maine return just in time for the season they were born to soundtrack.

If you’re a pop-rock fan, this will be the album of your summer – guaranteed. Lovely Little Lonely opens with a track that perfectly encapsulates the sound of the 11 tracks that follow it. Don’t Come Down is a great track, the bouncy major chords that carry throughout the song will make even the most miserable of people nod their heads in appreciation.

A highlight of this album, as is usually the case with The Maine, are the vocals of frontman John O’Callaghan. The sung melodies perfectly compliment the music that underlies them as O’Callaghan’s romantically raspy voice effortlessly floats into the listener’s ears.

There is a great deal of energy flowing through this album – a stand out for me is Black Butterflies and Déjà Vu which jumps seamlessly between careful, calming melodies and pulsing, fast paced hooks that excite upon every listen. Bad Behaviour follows suit and boasts an utterly infectious chorus that is sure to linger for days on end.

Tracks such as Taxi and I Only Wanna Talk To You provide some down time for the listener, allowing them to actually reflect on some of the themes the The Maine are exploring within their 6th studio output. Furthermore, the album structured with three tracks that serve as interludes – Lovely, Little and Lonely, respectively. The tracks themselves break the energetic songs up nicely but are, in themselves, nothing special – which poses the question: are they necessary, or just a cute gimmick?

A couple of tracks fall victim to the pop-rock tropes that unfortunately make certain listens feel slightly ‘samey’ but all-in-all, Lovely Little Lonely is a stellar album that is absolutely worth a listen for any person who enjoys feeling good – which is everyone right? Right. So, everyone go and listen to The Maine, I promise you’ll have fun.

4/5 Bytes.

Aaron Jackson.

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