Slam Dunk 2017: Top 5 Bands You Must Catch.

A rundown of what I reckon will be the highlights from one of the UK’s most exciting festivals.

1. Enter Shikari – A ‘Take to The Skies’ Ten Year Celebration (Jägermeister Stage)

The headliner to end all headliners. Shikari never fail to impress when it comes to their live shows – jam packed with a raw energy that you’d do well to find in any other band’s set – Enter Shikari are truly a must see. Their show at Slam Dunk 2017 will surely be one for the history books, as the experimental four-piece are set to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of debut album Take To The Skies – you won’t want to miss this one.

You have to hear: Sorry You’re Not A Winner. Gandhi Mate, Gandhi. Hoodwinker.

For fans of: While She Sleeps. Bring Me The Horizon. Architects.

2. Don Broco (Jägermeister Stage)Broco

I honestly doubt that you’ll ever have more fun at a band’s show. Funky riffs and catchy hooks are what Broco are all about  – oh yeah, and super cheesy dance moves. Moreover, Donny B know how to work a crowd and whether you’re already a fan or not, frontman Rob Damiani will be sure to have every single member of the audience bouncing to their insanely infectious tracks. Don Broco were born to play festivals like Slam Dunk – make sure you’re a part of their set.

You have to hear: Priorities. Further. Everybody.

For fans of: Lower Than Atlantis. Twin Atlantic. You Me At Six.

3. Trophy Eyes (Monster Energy Stage)Tropy Eyes

Hailing from Newcastle, Australia – Trophy Eyes really came into their own with the release of their sophomoric album Chemical Miracle (for me, the album of 2016). The tracks on that album saw the quintet mature as artists and performers whilst still managing to maintain the visceral, hardcore energy with which they made their name. Fancy something a bit heavier to tickle your pickle? Hit up Trophy Eyes – you will not be disappointed.

You have to hear: Convalescence. Nose Bleed. Breathe You In.

For fans of: Trash Boat. Like Pacific. ROAM.

4. Turnover (Signature Brew Stage)Turnover

Melodic and measured, Turnover have perfected a truly beautiful sound. In 2015, they released Peripheral Vision to overwhelmingly positive acclaim and rest-assured, the songs sound just as good live. Furthermore, the Virginian four-piece haven’t forgotten their pop-punk roots which ensures that a great deal of energy still remains commonplace throughout their set. Witnessing Turnover do their thing on the Signature Brew stage is sure to be a spectacular affair that you will certainly want to check out.

You have to hear: Most Of The Time. Take My Head. Dizzy On The Comedown.

For fans of: Moose Blood. Tigers Jaw. Citizen.

5. Black Foxxes (The Key Club Stage)Black Foxxes

Quite possibly the best band you haven’t yet heard of. Black Foxxes are incredibly talented – their sound is utterly anthemic for just a three-piece and they possess the artistic prowess of an outfit destined for huge things. Frontman, Mark Holley boasts a truly unique voice that perfectly compliments their carefully poised yet immensely jagged dynamic. To see Black Foxxes live is sure to be an astounding affair and Slam Dunk is the perfect festival for them to get the attention that they deserve – make sure you come along and support one the best up and coming acts in Britain right now.

You have to hear: I’m Not Well. Slow Jams Forever. Husk.

For fans of: Arcane Roots. Black Peaks. Creeper.

Honourable Mentions:

Of course, Slam Dunk festival as a whole is littered with some of the best bands in the industry at the moment. I am confident that no one will disappoint, however, one cannot be at each of the 8 stages at the same time. If you’re at a loose end on who to see – I wholeheartedly recommend the following: Milk Teeth, Citizen, Boston Manor, Seaway, Like Pacific, The Maine and the much anticipated, secret Special Guest.

Check out the full line-up, tickets and more info on Slam Dunk’s website:

If you already managed to get tickets for the now sold-out South leg of the festival then congrats – I’ll see you there, in the pit.

Aaron Jackson.

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