Don Broco – Pretty

Brand new single from Bedford quartet, Don Broco will make fans want to be partying every single day of the week – all eight of them.

Ever since the release of their outstanding debut album, Priorities, Donny B have boasted a sound that is unique, to say the least – finding a band that bear many concrete similarities is an incredibly difficult feat. This is a great accolade to possess as a band. In an industry that is so famously convoluted, tapping into a sound that is exclusive to your outfit is unusually commendable. Since 2012, Broco have further developed their sound – persisting with the swaggering boy-band vibe whilst simultaneously incorporating big riffs and catchy hooks.

Automatic (2015) was the highly-anticipated follow-up, and fans whole-heartedly welcomed the elements of funk that have seemingly now become commonplace within Don Broco’s song-writing. This aforementioned funk-vibe acted somewhat as a vehicle for Broco to gain more attention from a widespread audience, which they most certainly have. The Bedford boys are constantly on the up, moving from strength to strength.

Pretty precedes Everybody, which is the most recent output from the band. Both singles are immensely exciting. The riffs are utterly gut-busting and provocative in the best way possible – it’s impossible to listen either of these songs without some form of habitual pelvic thrust. It is in the chorus of Pretty where the hook opens and the song excels entirely.

As with many Broco songs, there are a few question marks and potentially divisive moments. The hip-hop inspired verses may come across as foreign to many fans, and the considerable quantity of digital vocal manipulation could potentially rub some purists up the wrong way. In addition to this, very few Don Broco songs will contain lyrics that are especially profound or poetic but instead, we are greeted with the likes of ‘eight days a week sucker, eight days a week’. This is genius in its own way – fantastically cheesy and always fun.

One always gets the impression that Don Broco don’t take themselves too seriously, they always seem to be joking around and just having a general laugh. I might use this as a criticism, but the fact of the matter is that Broco continuously churn out music of the finest quality and their live show is persistently killer.

I can’t wait for the release of their next full-length album as it looks set to be one of their best. I’m also all booked in to see them twice in the coming months – once at Slam Dunk (I wrote a bit about it here: ) and also at their headline show in November at London’s prestigious Alexandra Palace, which could prove to be career-defining. Boys, keep it up.

4/5 Bytes.

Aaron Jackson.

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