Huntar – Pony (Feat Gucci Mane)

Huntar tries his hand at a cult classic by putting his own twist on Pony.

I have seen Huntar once before, it was at the Boston Music Room back in 2016 whilst he was supporting The Hunna in this notably small and intimate venue. The sell-out capacity crowd of no more than 200 people allowed us to get up close and personal with the music on offer.

Many people will recognise Huntar from his song, Anyway due to its slot on the soundtrack to FIFA 17. It’s is a peaceful song which enables Huntar to show off his vocal capacities – you should credit FIFA here – year after year they provide a platform for smaller artists to get their product across to the masses.

I’m sure everyone knows or has heard Ginuwine’s original Pony in some sort of capacity. As a track, it is covered repeatedly by artist after artist as they attempt to offer a different spin in order to set their version apart from the crowd. Huntar here presents a kicking beat with good flow and has ultimately produced a song with a fuck ton of sex appeal.

In my opinion, Huntar has an extremely good voice, and could really go big in the music industry off the back of it – as I previously mentioned, some of his other songs really allow him to show off his talents. However, Pony as a song doesn’t really allow much room for Huntar to really flex his vocals. All it takes is a few radio plays and it will create traction around Huntar’s name. This could go in either direction the masses could love Huntar’s music, or it could go the other way and people are not so keen on his older tracks and this new-found success with Pony would make Huntar turn his back on his older stuff.

Huntar has by no means done something new here, but what he has done is created a song which, I hope, acts as a catalyst for his music. It generates a greater deal of talk around his name which will, undoubtedly, help a great deal when that debut album finally rolls around. Let’s hope that Huntar stays true to himself – if he does, he will do well, he is extremely talented.

3.5/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.


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