Enter Shikari – Live Outside

Enter Shikari continue to expand their sound with new track Live Outside

When it comes to British bands, in my opinion, bar the great Biffy Clyro, no other band touches Enter Shikari. They are simply miles ahead of most bands, both sonically and lyrically, and their live show is always an astounding experience. Enter Shikari have never shied away from experimenting with innovative sounds and evolving their music; from 2007’s groundbreaking Take To The Skies through to the vast landscape of 2015’s The Mindsweep, this band have never been prepared to sit in one box. Fast-forward to 2017 and this still rings true; with their 5th studio album The Spark ready to drop on the 22nd of September, the first single Live Outside has been released to wet our appetites.

The first thing that jumped out at me when listening to Live Outside at first was how much more immediate the song is compared to the immense layers that made-up The Mindsweep. In songs like The Appeal and the Mindsweep and Myopia, you would hear something new on every listen. This did make me sceptical on my initial listen; I couldn’t help but think that a band of such enormous quality were not wholly pushing themselves. However after that listen, the chorus hook quite simply refused to leave my head, and when I pressed play again a while later, I had a better feeling about it. To say this song is simple seems like somewhat of a disservice; many artists would claim that it’s harder to create these shorter, catchy songs compared to throwing lots of ideas into one pot.

The song is moulded around the chorus of ‘I want to live outside, live outside of all of this’ which is hugely infectious, and at risk of sounding very cliché, it’s a huge ‘summer’ vibe (despite the fact it is of course profoundly raining outside as I write this). The song wastes no time in bursting into the main hook before we hear the first verse rapped/sung by Rou Reynolds in signature fashion. One aspect which needs to be appreciated is how Rou’s flow keeps improving on every release. Anaesthetist and Never Let Go of the Microscope from The Mindsweep to me very much signify the moments which Rou’s rapping ability really developed and came to the forefront. The verses in Live Outside whilst not as intense and wordy as the aforementioned songs, have a great flow to them and the simplicity is effective. From what I can gather, lyrically the song seems to be about the madness in Rou’s mind and how he wants to ‘live outside’ of all it; fairly straightforward. There is a shorter bridge than what we may be accustomed to for a Shikari song; but it’s always nice to hear a shouty moment from the frontman, before one final hook.

Whilst at first I was unconvinced, I soon came around to Live Outside. As much as I enjoyed this more instant, memorable song, I definitely want to see the heavier side of Enter Shikari appear on The Spark because it’s something they do so well and many people crave. The Spark is released on the 22nd of September and I am eager to hear it already. The band also hit the road on a UK arena tour in November and I highly suggest going to see them; their shows are always unique and utterly spectacular.

4/5 bytes.

Guest writer: Daniel Tumani.

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