The Story So Far – Out Of It

Rhythm and melody intertwine perfectly to produce another pop-punk hit by Walnut Creek five-piece The Story So Far.

The feature of this band’s music that has always captured me is how rhythmically in sync all parts of the band are laced together; their new tune Out Of It fantastically follows suit.

TSSF have persistently tapped into an indubitably simple formula that produces songs that quickly turn into hits – they keep nailing it, again and again. Here, the basis is a killer yet straightforward introductory riff. Upon this, come the verses which are pumping, high-tempo with a focus on drums, bass and palm-muted guitar that work together in harmony. Meanwhile, lead singer Parker Cannon flitters above with firm lyrical content that contextualises the dilemma on which the story of Out Of It is based – emotions of dismay and frustration at lack of progress.

And then, as with every TSSF song ever produced, you are struck by the chorus. The instrumental tension and enamour that so commonly populates their verses are hastily loosened and you find yourself listening to the lyrical peak of this pop-punk genre being projected with verve towards you. Cannon has the art of writing and delivering melodies down to a T and it is eminent in this fine song. After one listen, you’ll find yourself humming the tune if not already belting out the lyrics as if at one of their live shows.

Many simply wax-lyrical about Parker Cannon when it comes to The Story So Far and there is no doubt he is the best in the business. But special mention must be held for the four men holding it down behind him. Drums from Ryan Torf are as a solid as it gets, bass from Kelen Capener is thumping throughout this song then the interplay between Kevin Geyer and Will Levy have made and will continue to make for some of the outstanding guitar parts heard in pop-punk. They are a great band and together, in my opinion, the tied-best in the genre both on record and live along with the ever-present, The Wonder Years.

Also worth a mention is the mixing on this single. They manage to progress from their self-titled third album with a more integrated vocal which allows bass and drums to come through strong and the guitars’ intricate weave to be plenty audible.

Out Of It has proved to me that, after two years without a glimmer of new music, The Story So Far will surely be out to release a stellar fourth album at the beginning of 2018 if not before. I can’t wait for it, and, with a bit of luck, some UK shows to come for me to bob my head, sing along and bounce up-and-down at for the umpteenth time.

It’s a mighty 5/5 Bytes from me.

Written by Euan Dickson (Twitter: @e_u_a_n, Insta: @euan_dickson).

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