Don Broco – T-Shirt Song

When listening to music, do you ever sit and wonder how much more complete your life would be with a song dedicated to T-Shirts? Well, worry no more!

Don Broco are doing bits at the moment, churning out banger after banger in anticipation of their new album, Technology, set for released in February 2018. I’m so into them at the moment, I’m pretty sure in the last 24 hours alone I’ve listened to their whole discography. Man, I just can’t get enough of them.

T-Shirt Song begins rather differently to Stay Ignorant, the last of Don Broco’s releases; the song is immediately heavier from the start, you immediately know you’re in for a treat from the Broco Boys. Rob Damiani’s vocals then join the party and the tempo seems to slow. I won’t lie to you, after listening to the first verse, I was thinking to myself could this be the weakest of the new Don Broco tracks. However, as we are greeted by the pre-chorus you get a feeling something big is coming, and then in a rather typical fashion, they hit us with a banger of a chorus that really makes the whole song. If you persist past the first chorus of the song I can almost guarantee you like it, I’ve certainly listened to it a fair few times and struggle to find any faults other than the weak bars in the opening verse.

Once again the track is a grower. I have discussed this on numerous occasions with other Don Broco fans, like many of their songs the more you listen to their music the better it gets. I regularly go back to their older music and like it more after every listen. So, I would recommend that if you intend on checking out T-Shirt Song and are unsure, give it a run a couple more times and I think you’ll start to appreciate it more.

I found myself having a conversation with Aaron Jackson (Editor-in-Chief at WaveByte) recently, ironically we discussed the type of people who are quick to rip their top off in a moshpit. What Don Broco have done with this song is give fuel to these types of people, I am sure they it will only up the intensity of their already explosive live set. I wouldn’t be surprised if at Alexander Palace on the 11th of November I see an army of topless moshers smashing the shit out of each other to T-Shirt Song.

4/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.

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