Milk Teeth – Go Away

Gloucestershire punk rockers MILK TEETH recently dropped their latest EP, Go Away, following a series of singles and their previous effort, Be Nice, which Aaron reviewed and marked it a solid 4/5 Bytes ( Can Go Away live up to the hype of the first EP, and continue to build upon their “pulse-raising punk” tone?

I Stabbed You First

Starting with a somewhat tame track; whilst it certainly does pop off at some moments, and the chorus is sure to keep your head bobbing, something just seems off.

It seems to be the pacing; the song begins with a gut-wrenching riff from guitarists Chris Webb and Billy Hutton, coupled with the mature feeling of Becky Blomfield’s vocals. The problem arises towards the end of the piece, wherein the breakdown completely reverses the fast-paced introduction. Normally I wouldn’t see this as a huge problem, but within a song that’s high-tempo and exciting, loud, distorted and everything else that accompanies the punk agenda, it’s hard to slow that pace down to almost nothing, save a single guitar. It just lies a bit too late into the song to interrupt it – it’s too teasing.

Aside from that, a solid song.


Lillian is more of what I was looking for – it’s well rounded and balanced, punchy and banging, and overall easily digestible. The track sounds poised, refined and clean, which is odd considering the amount of distortion displayed in the instruments. In all, this leads to a mature-punk vibe which I can totally get behind. Executive-punk chic, this is one of the better pieces that MILK TEETH have written. Billy and Becky’s back-and-forth vocals are a highlight in an all-around stellar sound.

Nearby Catfight

Starting with some muddy bass and Becky’s isolated voice, this piece sets a precedent before bursting into the chorus. The chorus itself sounds awesome, albeit a bit muted; again, that feeling of teasing trickles in. The build-up to this chorus leads to the expectation that it might explode, and whilst the collective vocals are on point, the instruments seem a bit resigned. However, I imagine that this must absolutely rock live – with more distortion, heavier bass, and a little bit faster speed, this could be one of best MILK TEETH songs around.

Big Sky

Adding some contrast to the otherwise upbeat EP, this slower piece fills the void flawlessly. Completing the well-rounded sound that I’ve come to expect from MILK TEETH, Big Sky rounds the EP off nicely, warranting compliments to an otherwise bare-bones song.

I must confess, whilst the pieces work well individually, I am somewhat disappointed with this EP. For a start, there’s been a minuscule release window between singles and the two EPs, which begs the question ‘Why not release this as an album?’ That probably would’ve been more palatable. Instead, we were left with a collective hype following Be Nice, which ultimately was not lived up to.

Here’s hoping the next collection will be a full album, because when mixing Be Nice and Go Away, you have a pretty solid collection of songs – intimate and volatile. Instead of a great album, what we are left with are two ‘good’ EPs which together are underwhelming.

3 / 5 Bytes

Will Wilkins


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