CHARLY – Film Scores

Charly is a film composer in the making; delicately perfecting her craft for use on the big and small screen.

Charly, a French songwriter based in LA, caters to all genres of film whilst assisting aspiring filmmakers in the States. Throughout her career, Charly has won several awards at film festivals, including an award at the Global Music Awards in 2017. Her new EP is comprised of three songs; The Boy in the Mirror, On The Road, and Another Day, Another Lie.

The Boy in the Mirror is a soft and gentle display of independent film music. Within the first few bars, the song lulls us into a relaxed and whimsical state. With the introduction of a folk-rock acoustic guitar and a select few notes from an electric guitar, the music quickly surges into a motivational piece suitable for any young-adult film.

Moving on to On The Road, we are met by a similar structure as before, though with numerous changes. With fresh timbre comes a new mood and tone. Whereas before The Boy in the Mirror fills us with the feelings of reflection and motivation, On The Road has an air of melancholy, yet acceptance. Entirely encapsulating and only a little heart-breaking, this powerful piece holds the strength to carry a scene entirely alone.

The final piece within the EP, Another Day, Another Lie, features Charly’s edged voice. This upbeat piece seems optimistic on the surface but hidden within the layers of production lies standoffish vocals with an independent vibe. Undeniably cool, this piece wouldn’t feel out of place with Charly’s independent work. The least traditional film score on the EP, the song stands out for being the most unique.

We were lucky enough to interview Charly about her career and aspirations. We asked her what this project was built around, and she explained that “I had to follow what filmmakers wanted me to do, so there is not a specific genre. But I hope you can still hear my style in each song. There are elements, like acoustic guitars and backing vocals that I try to get in every song to stick to my original style as a Rock-Folk songwriter.” These aspects and elements are alive in each song on this EP, but to be a film composer, a songwriter needs to be flexible. Writing for student films naturally brings a youthful feeling to each piece on offer here, but I’d love to see what Charly could do with a darker, moodier piece. With a longer EP and a bit more range and variety, Charly could well and truly find herself boosted to the realm of professional film scoring.

4/5 Bytes

Will Wilkins
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