2000trees – Threes for Trees.

Threes for Trees – we picked 3 bands from each of the 3 days of this year’s festival that you simply must not miss…


Credit: Megan Foxen (@meganfoxen_)

Arcane Roots – The Main Stage & The Forest.

A huge name on any festival line-up. Arcane Roots are truly masters of their craft. Bringing energy and complete musicianship to the table, their performances are tight and vigorous. With the release of their second LP last year (full review here: https://wavebyte.co.uk/2017/09/10/arcane-roots-melancholia-hymns/), the three-piece will be sure to bring a breath of fresh air to the 2000trees Main Stage this year. If you have never caught this band live before, or heard a note of their music, I can guarantee that spending 40 minutes in the sun with Arcane Roots will change your life. Make sure that you haul yourself from your camping chair for this band.

Killer Track: If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves (Heaven and Earth, 2015).

Black Foxxes – The Main Stage.

Bursting with energy, the Black Foxxes set at 2000trees last year was a highlight of the festival. Off the back of their album release, the trio is sure to set the festival alight once more. Reiði showcases the band’s talent perfectly, it is a record that touches on the need to expand creative boundaries (you can read the full review here: https://wavebyte.co.uk/2018/03/15/black-foxxes-reidi/). I am sure that 2000trees Main Stage stage will be the perfect setting to express this. Albeit a jump from The Axiom, I would put my money on this not being a task too bold for the boys. This Exeter 3-piece are of the highest calibre and are thriving members of the British music scene, it won’t be long until they are headlining large venues. This is a set you simply must not miss.

Killer Track: Manic in Me (Reiði, 2018).

Press to MECO – The Axiom.

2018 belongs to this band. Riding high off the back of their outstanding second full-length release, Here’s To The Fatigue (full review here: https://wavebyte.co.uk/2018/03/21/press-to-meco-heres-to-the-fatigue/), the boys will be looking to maintain their momentum with a stellar live set. The Axiom will be the perfect venue for Press to MECO with an intimate vibe that will ensure the band’s monster riffs bounce off of every individual in the crowd. Expect unrelenting energy from this hattrick of virtuosos as they masterfully tackle the intricacies laced around giant choruses that will echo throughout the Cotswolds.

Killer Track: A Quick Fix (Here’s To The Fatigue, 2018).



Fatherson – The Main Stage & The Forest.

Trees was built for bands like Fatherson. Emotionally driven pop-rock hits will resonate with the audience and stay with them all the way home. Reinforcing the welcoming, family feel that 2000trees is so renowned for, Fatherson will be an act to see for those that want a blissful change of pace from the ‘heavier’ acts at the festival. The musings of vocalist, Ross Leighton are impossible to ignore and, honestly, you will be watching one of the most talented singers in the scene right now – impeccable technique and a silky Scottish accent – what more could you want?

Killer Track: I Like Not Knowing (I Am An Island, 2014).


Nervus – NEU.

This band have the potential to be one of the most impactful acts of the weekend. Their most recent release, Everything Dies (full review here: https://wavebyte.co.uk/2018/02/18/nervus-everything-dies/) encapsulates what is so special about Nervus. Lyrics from Em Foster unflinchingly tackle issues that many of her peers will shy away from. Not only do these songs carry incredibly important meaning, they are also proper catchy. Be prepared to bounce along to choruses that spread positive vibes to anyone that listens and also, you’d best be up for humming the melodies in your head after the set – you won’t have much choice.

Killer Track: It Follows (Everything Dies, 2018).

Gloo – The Axiom.

Gloo will be one of the band’s that you don’t regret watching at 2000trees. Their music is fuelled by spite and angst and I am sure that it will translate into a killer live show. The band have given us a plethora of singles since the start of 2017 and with new music on the horizon, hopefully, Trees will be the perfect place to showcase this. Gloo are built for this festival. Abrasive and brimming with energy, the band will be sure to fit the high-octane blueprint. We are just hoping that it will be the holiday that they have been banging on about for a while.

Killer Track: Holiday (Holiday, 2018).



Credit: Fraser Wakeling (@fraserwakeling)

Enter Shikari – The Main Stage & The Forest.

Where can we start? Just saying the name Enter Shikari is enough. As the only headliner on our must-see list, no band warrants their place more. These guys are the definition of unique. Famous for hosting a killer live set, the band are sure to bring the festival to a close with a bang. 2017’s The Spark (full review here: https://wavebyte.co.uk/2017/09/21/enter-shikari-the-spark/) is littered with bangers and blended with the hits from their discography, they will set the Main Stage alight. This is a huge booking for the festival and we are confident that, with their calibre and impressive stage presence, this could be one of the best sets that the festival has ever seen. If you haven’t seen Enter Shikari before, you have to change this at 2000trees. Mosh pits and masterpieces.

Killer Track: Ghandi Mate, Ghandi (A Flash Flood of Colour, 2011).

The Xcerts – The Main Stage & The Forest.

Ladies and gentlemen, these are your kings for the weekend. I have been fortunate enough to see The Xcerts live a number of times and on each occasion, they manage to exceed expectations – their set at Trees will be no different. 2018’s Hold On To Your Heart (full review here: https://wavebyte.co.uk/2018/01/08/the-xcerts-hold-on-to-your-heart-2/) is the band’s magnum opus (for now, at least) and it is an excruciatingly beautiful masterpiece. Ready up for the some of the greatest singalongs that you will ever have the pleasure of partaking in. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll dance, you’ll sing, and you’ll probably have an existential crisis about a previous experience of unrequited love. Bliss.

Killer Track: Drive Me Wild (Hold On To Your Heart, 2018).

Sun Arcana – NEU.

One of the brightest sparks in the scene right now, Sun Arcana’s 2000trees set is sure to be something special. Their EP, As I Take A Breath…, is incredibly mature and is built to give everyone who listens to it something special (Full review here: https://wavebyte.co.uk/2018/03/08/sun-arcana-as-i-take-a-breath/). You should expect incredible vocal prowess, tight musicianship and youthful exuberance from this set. Sun Arcana should not be ignored. Refreshing and powerful, there is no doubting that this set will be phenomenal.

Killer Track: Oxygen (As I Take A Breath…, 2018).


Tickets for 2000trees are flying out! Make sure you grab yours here: https://www.twothousandtreesfestival.co.uk/tickets/ – don’t miss out.

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