The Dirty Nil @ The Waterfront Studios, Norwich (25.09.2018)

The Dirty Nil set fire to Norwich on their latest run of intimate shows.

The run of shows that The Dirty Nil have undertaken this September seem to be somewhat of an oddity. Hamburg to Norwich to Birmingham to Southampton to London is an unusual run of shows on paper, but if there is one band that with the ability to slay every night… it’s the Nil. Fresh off the release of their incredible second album, Master Volume, the Ontario three-piece seemed ready to blow the ceiling off the creaky Norwich venue.

Bursting on-stage in a barrage of chewing gum bubbles and vibrant finger pointing, there was an energy about the band that let me know that this was going to be a special evening. Opening with That’s What Heaven Feels Like, the band seemed intent on showcasing as much of their new material as possible. Throwing all the shapes, the band rattled through the majority of their latest LP which was all, rightfully, well received by the moderately filled room. The performance was tight and slammed through the speakers stacked on stage with incredible velocity. Pre-tensing and concluding each of these tracks with the information that their album was available to pick-up at the merch stand continually saw the room fill with laughter. Asking if someone could hit them up with some ‘magic’ before Smoking is Magic, the atmosphere of the evening was part mesmerising (at the quality of the performance), part hysterical. The band impressed as they mixed this new material with performances of some of their older songs. Cinnamon and classic hits No Weaknesses and Wrestle Yu to Husker Du went down well with the crowd. By paying tribute to the UK’s greatest export the Nil by covered The Beatles and a rendition of September Gurls by Big Star which marked the point where the band started to wind down their set.

The performance delivered was incredibly tight and full of energy, it was just a shame that it didn’t really transcend into the crowd. I personally felt it was an honour to see the band in such a small room, especially after witnessing the quality of the performance. It won’t be long until The Dirty Nil will be tearing up venues a lot bigger than this one. Listen to Master Volume and you will understand why.

4/5 Bytes. Megan Foxen.

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