Aesthetically soothing yet internally fractured, pronoun are 2019’s next big thing.

pronoun is an ambitious musical project by lovelorn Boston native, Alyse Vellturo. Fronting not only a band but the project as a whole, Vellturo is doing something a little bit different to everyone else in the industry. pronoun is more than just an artist, as I just mentioned, it is a project. Complete with atmosphere and heart, there is a lot to digest when you experience the music on offer.

Having released a multitude of singles and EPs up until now, every one of her meticulously crafted tracks omits fleeting moments of fragility. It is well documented that every one of the tracks that have been released thus far acts as a snapshot, depicting a highly specific moment in a crumbling relationship.

As the music dances and splinters, you get a window – albeit one pulled slightly shut – to peer into the world that is created by the music. Each song is different from the next, but they all feel connected – not necessarily through the sonic form, but through the current that drives each song. Although screaming about your feelings seems to be all the rage, what the listener is offered from pronoun is a tentative periscope into 80’s inspired heartbreak.

Refreshing yet fragile, this music is breaking boundaries that can only be appreciated once you have given it a listen. With around 55,000 monthly listeners to date, it feels as though the message of pronoun is on an upwards trajectory.

Riding off the success of just cuz you can’t, it is time for a new chapter to begin. i’ll show you stronger is due to arrive on May 24th and with it comes a lot of anticipation. From the singles that have been released – and the latest effort Stay which was a takeaway from the band’s performance at Troxy – it feels as though we should expect a slightly more mature sound, yet one that holds onto the warm, fuzzy wounded feel.

i know what it’s like being low ive been a mess since i can remember

However, while Stay is somewhat uncharacteristically bright at its core, the album is shaping up to be axillary to the band’s current discography. The sensitive aesthetic that has precluded the release of this album allows fans of the band to dream of more adventures of synth-pop with cruising riffs and electronic frills.

It takes a lot of confidence to separate yourself from the music you produce, but at its core, this is what makes pronoun – as a whole – so incredible. Vellturo is obviously a talented musician, but her triumph is the intimate character she has been able to build as ‘pronoun’ – an entity that welcomes woe and lets it grow in your ears as you listen.


Live in London…

The task of opening the bill for the likes of Mayday Parade and The Wonder Years must be daunting for any musician, but it didn’t feel like a big ask for pronoun. Tackling a moderately filled Troxy with, what appeared relative ease, Vellturo and co. set their sights on delivering a tight set.

All four-parts bounced into life and harmoniously drifted into the opening notes of run. Immediately gripping the attention of most in the room, the band whisked the audience away into a bubble of comfortable fragility. Hits such as wrong and temporary tantrum dappled the set with flurries of riffs and further benevolence. The entire set felt measured but omitted just the right amount of energy.

The band’s London performance felt to be a real family affair with Vellturo jokingly announcing that her ‘better kept’ sister was working the merch table, adding another quality to the artists already likeable stage presence. But, as soon as it had started it was all over. The set crumbled to a halt and left the audience with a little mysticism, urking for more. Luckily for everyone in attendance, and for pronoun fans, there isn’t long to wait.

May 24th. i’ll show you stronger. 


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