Lake Folks – Astronaut

Lake Folks delivers an outer-world experience of love in his new single, Astronaut.

London-based, French artist Lake Folks has been working hard since his debut in 2017 and now is back with a bang with latest single, Astronaut. His music is a delicate blend of indie and folk music, with elements that can be compared to the likes of Ben Howard and Villagers. In Astronaut he sings about a love affair between himself and an astronaut, talking about their time up in space together, giving us an outer-world experience of love.

Astronauts opening is reminiscent of the early 60s Bob Dylan folk music that everyone knew and loved, with the bright harmonica and bouncing guitar. However, when Lake Folks’ voice drops, the song becomes completely his own. He has a spectrum of poetical lyrics, my favourite of which being: “I think I’ve never been so far from everything, but in your eyes, it does feel right. To me, this sings a song of a man who feels so distant from everything he has ever known but somehow still feels completely safe, wholly comfortable in the unknown. This phrase encapsulates his love for the astronaut perfectly.

I wonder what this song could be a metaphor for falling in love with someone who is so different to yourself, depicting a feeling that you are whisked worlds away from everything you are used to when you are with them. It could also be about a long distance relationship, feeling as far apart from each other as the Earth and Moon, or even about meeting someone who shows you a completely different side to life that you never knew existed before. Or, maybe this song is simply what it appears to be: a fantastical tale of the love between a man from earth and an astronaut, and I like that just as much.

Lake Folks has been back in the studio for a little while now and his new EP, Someone Else’s Dreams, will be released in March 2019, but if you can’t wait that long then you’re in luck! You can find his self-titled debut EP Lake Folks online, and with his recognisable mix of honeyed voice, delicate guitar, and indie-folk sound you’ll be sure to love it. I have high hopes for this new record and can’t wait to see what Lake Folks has got in store for us.

4/5 Bytes.

Celia Moon.




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