Gloo – Stop and Stare

Quintessential punk; raucous, loud, and full of guts: Gloo release their new EP ‘Stop and Stare’

Gloo may come from the modest seaside town of Littlehampton, but their loud punk noise is making waves nationwide. They follow the punk DIY mantra and are suitably independent with no management, label or booking agent. They also record their music videos on iPhones, and dye/print their merch by hand. Thrifty. This hard graft has done nothing but good for the band, and they show no signs of slowing down with their recent announcement of their new EP Stop and Stare.

Clearly supportive of their local music scene, Gloo chose to record the EP at local studio Ford Lane, and the Stop and Stare music video at local venue Bar 52. The opening titular track instantly gives you a lot to look forward to, upbeat punk drum patterns accompanied by grungy and whining guitar riffs are comfortably matched with aggressive vocals. Standerby follows suit, kicking things off with a short blast of feedback and a punchy drum fill. The chorus is catchy and springs jumping crowds to mind, something I’m sure the new EP will catalyse. Next comes I’m Not Gonna Change. Again, the melody and drums combined leave you craving more and the powerful vocals force you to sing along.

The half-way point, Great Idea ups the tempo slightly and keeps the energy pumping. After this, the EP enters a slight lull. The thumping punk backbeat loses its bite and the guitar riffs become a little routine, following similar patterns from the tracks before it. Bad Sign demonstrates more of the same. Drama Queen is where things pick up again, the drums and guitar back off a little and quite literally let the vocals do the talking. “She’s such a- she’s such a- she’s such a drama queen” hooks you in and the music does the rest, we’re back on track. To finish off, I’m a Mess brings us more repeating lyrics which instantly stick in your head and the grunge of the guitars nicely takes us to the end, maintaining energy throughout.

Overall, Gloo have really got something here and their lofty aspirations are not to be sneered at, perhaps a little more variation would make them even stronger.

3.5/5 Bytes

Fraser Wakeling


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Gloo Live:

7th Jun – The Crown, Littlehampton

29th Jun – Petchfest, Dover



Stop and Stare is set for release 26th April.

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