VUKOVI @ The Waterfront Studio, Norwich (02.05.2019)

VUKOVI electrify Norwich with a set fizzing with energy

VUKOVI are currently tearing across the UK with their brand of exhilarating pop-rock belters. Norwich was the second stop of this whirlwind tour, and the city – currently in a perpetual state of celebration – was ready to join the party.

Bursting on stage to a handsomely populated room, the band were immediately well received. The set saw the trio deliver bangers, old and new, to an audience that were ready from the off. Brand new tunes, Behave and C.L.A.U.D.I.A set the room alight before the band’s heavyweight bangers, such as La Di Da, tied all the loose ends together. There was a little bit of everything offer during this performance, where everyone seemed to leave the show a bigger fan than they were when they arrived.

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Theatrics such as tieing the drummer’s arm behind his back populated the middle part of the set, challenging him to play a song with only one hand. Obviously, he pulled it off with what proved to be an eye-opening stunt, highlighting just how talented VUKOVI are. The band even went as far to FaceTime their friend, who was ill, in an attempt to cheer him up before passing the phone around the room for random members of the audience to wish him well.

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The atmosphere of the whole event was fun; a room full of people who had been brought together to have a sing-song and forget their troubles. I am sure the lucky people who will be heading to a VUKOVI show over the coming weeks will be in for a treat, so make sure you bring your singing voices!

4/5 Bytes.

Megan Foxen


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