Plested – Either You Love Me Or You Don’t

Plested is soon to be the name on everyone’s tongue with his newly released single Either You Love Me Or You Don’t: a deeply personal yet sweetly cool pop ballad.

Pop singer-songwriter Plested recently released his new single Either You Love Me Or You Don’t, a song that marks his first release of 2019, and a follow-up to his well-received debut album First and Foremost which was released last year. If you haven’t heard of him yet then don’t worry, but the chances are you will have heard something he’s done. Having worked with the likes of Zayn, Little Mix, Lewis Capaldi, and The Vamps in the past, his work is somewhat notorious and he has only continued to rise since he’s started to release his own music.

Either You Love Me Or You Don’t is a pop ballad through and through. In Plested’s cool and husky voice you hear every single feeling he is trying to portray, and his vocals are stained with the emotions of a relationship turned bad. He sings a story his listeners know all too well, opening on the simple yet powerful “What do you want? Where do I stand?”, questioning the very foundations of his relationship with this person. Most powerfully, I think, Plested questions himself throughout the song in a way that shows how he’s been driven to doubting his own thoughts and feelings, his words plucking at heartstrings when he says, “Maybe it’s me, but what if it’s you”.

The tune of the chorus is recognisable but in the very best way. It feels to me like Plested is bringing back to life an ancient melody I’ve long forgotten, and as it makes its way back into the forefront of my mind it’s welcoming and warm, and suddenly I’m singing along again. I only had to listen once through before it felt like I’d know this song forever and accompanied by Plested’s gorgeous vocals it makes for a delightful listen.

Either You Love Me Or You Don’t really hits the spot. He’s been touring constantly this year and continues to move in leaps and bounds further into the spotlight and it’s clear to see why. He has a voice that carries you away, and lyrics that speak from your own experiences to match, and I, for one, am more than excited to see where he’s headed.

4/5 Bytes.

Celia Moon

Plested Press Photo 1 - Credit Daniel Alexander - April 2019



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