Rat Face Lewey – Comfortable

Rat Face Lewey’s Comfortable is a passionate and catchy treat for all of the fans who have been waiting years to hear what the band have been busy doing.

Alt-rock band Rat Face Lewey have released their new single ‘Comfortable’ along with an accompanying video, which comes ahead of the September release of their sophomore album ‘The Fall Of Man’. The band was originally founded in 2010, and their debut album released in 2013, so long time fans will surely be pleased to see their return with this new and exciting release.

Lead singer Jonny wrote the track as a response to the people in your life who do everything they can to bring you down to make themselves feel better, and to me ‘Comfortable’ certainly sounds like a triumphant overcoming of this mentality with its powerful electric guitar and drumming that reverberate throughout the song. Right off the bat this track is passionate and a little bit crazy, and the choruses are definitely one of the catchiest I have heard in recent times. Jonny’s voice is clear and piercing and I’m caught on every single word, and on top of that the touches of musically darker moments are effective and spread beyond the sound and into the accompanying music video as well to create an even more stimulating visual.

The music video sees clips of a skateboarder intercut with shots of the three-piece band performing on a tiny, darkened stage. They’re really going for it and that’s what makes this video so great. It’s filled with an electric energy created not only by the music but also by the presence of the three members who are jumping, headbanging, and shouting along to their song. It feels homemade and authentic and shows exactly who Rat Face Lewey are and what they’re all about. The energy level is high throughout the short video and completely on par with the pep of the song.

Rat Face Lewey’s album is set to be released on 6th September but if you can’t wait that long then I suggest you check out their debut album ‘Wonder Before Mess’ which is available on Spotify. Make sure to also keep your eyes out for tour dates and shows as well, and just know that I’ll be counting down the days until I get to hear what Rat Face Lewey have been working on for all this time.

5/5 Bytes.

Celia Moon


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