Indigo – Guadeloupe

Imaginative, lucid, and individual: Indigo’s Guadeloupe is not something you can afford to miss out on.

Indigo, an alternative indie band who hail from London, is made up of four guys who describe themselves as ‘indefinably irritating’ and ‘insufferable’. Based on this alone I was already convinced I was going to love them. They’ve cited their influences to be Radiohead, Kanye West, Oasis, Ahmad Jamal, and Amy Winehouse, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from newest single Guadeloupe, but what I got was an eclectic mix of everything.

Guadeloupe has a whimsical opening, with the vocalist’s high pitched voice matching the airiness of the accompanying guitars and the delicacy of the soft yet deliberate chiming in the background. When the chorus comes in, it does so with a clash, and everything is drawn together in a sound stronger and more certain than before. Following this is the harmony of what sounds like a choir of male voices, their notes echo that of the lead singers, and create a rather out-of-this-worldly experience. The ever so slight synth elements dappled throughout the track gives me the faint idea of what floating through space would feel like. Overall, however, Guadeloupe sounds like a song being played in an empty room. It echoes while you listen to it, and the choir of voices bounce against the ceiling above you while the guitar fills your ears and surrounds you, and I can almost see the band before me. It is an immense sound: imaginative and lucid, and entirely individual.

Guadeloupe is great, and it isn’t all Indigo have to offer – the band also have their brilliantly named debut EP Please Sign Us To You Label out there, and the four tracks really do have a kick to them as they bounce between different genres. If you liked the sound of Guadeloupe then make sure you check out the dates for Indigo’s upcoming shows over the next few months, I’m sure they’d be a great watch live.

4/5 Bytes.

Celia Moon.

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