Glass Peaks – Asbestos

There is a heaviness in the guitars, a mysticality to the background chimes, and real pain in the howling vocals of this intensely beautiful song.

The London trio Glass Peaks have just come out with their brand new alt-rock single Asbestos, which is not only their third single of this year but their first to be released since their singing to their new record label These Bloody Thieves Records. It’s a track about strained, broken relationships, that’s told from the perspective of the person who has tried, and failed, many times before to fix it.

From the opening notes, what I can only describe as an enchanted ambience settled over me, and something light and with an air of magic chimed gently above it. It’s the kind of sound that should be played over images of a forest at night-time: mysterious, beautiful, and unknown. Quickly, this is soon joined by the sound of an electric guitar that reverberates and fills up every empty space around you. Asbestos is the first word sung, and it’s also the clearest and, by far, the loudest. It begins every chorus and all the words that surround it are long and pained and drawn out. The symbolic meaning of Asbestossomething that is bad for you, hurts you, pains you contrasts beautifully with the moans of “and I’m in love with it”, conveying the process of being drawn back, once again, to the thing that hurt you in the first place.

Everything in this song echoes. There is a darkness and heaviness to the guitars, an airiness and mysticality to the lighter chimes that hover in the background, and a real feeling of pain in the lead’s howling vocals, and these create an intense yet beautiful balance within the song.

Glass Peaks are a little bit Foals and a little bit White Lies, a little bit Joy Division and a little bit alt-j, but completely their own entity. Everything about them is strong. Their have their own sound, their own ideas, and it shines through, and Asbestos is a wonderful track to introduce them to you, but don’t forget to check out what else they have already released before this. Also, check out the special live session video of this song they recorded at the famous Abbey Roads Studios in London, it’s great!

4/5 Bytes.

Celia Moon


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