FEVER 333 @ O2 Kentish Town Forum, London (7.11.19)

FEVER 333 are, undoubtedly, one of the industry’s most important artists. With their defiant and hopeful message and crippling, electrifying live demonstrations, they are equipped to be one of the biggest bands in existence. Many have come before with the idea of charging their listeners with an unflinching, political, anti-patriarchal mandate, but it is very possible that FEVER 333 may have proven that they are the best to ever do it at London’s Kentish Town Forum.

The vibe of every FEVER 333 demonstration is very different to your usual rock show. The room is pensive but positive, with everyone in attendance looking forward to sharing a truly special experience without any distraction. After a chaotic and frankly breathtaking opening flurry – consisting of Made An America and Only One – Jason Aalon Butler took the opportunity to address this elephant in the room, explaining the tolls that the music industry takes on its artists – mentally, physically and financially – and that Fever didn’t want to bring any of their peers onto the road with them, until they could pay them fairly and equally.

The evening provided many opportunities for Butler to explain the band’s message and confront some of the most controversial topics on the industry agenda. Respecting women, a need to find hope for the next generation and the importance of speaking up to stop the political ‘buffoons’ retaining their positions of power. Every FEVER 333 performance is more than just a musical affair, it is a platform for discussion and a platform for change.


And, of course, the music is pretty special too…


Burn It, Animal and One of Us showcased some of the highlights of the band’s debut album, STRENGHT IN NUMB333RS, and left every member of the audience charged, while the likes of Trigger, Hunting Season and We’re Coming In emphatically reminded people that the band have been producing utterly ferocious bangers from the off.


There was also time for a  special medley, which saw the Nova Twins – one of the UK’s hottest prospects – join the stage. Not only were the Nova Twins the first artists to be brought out by the band in their history, but they were important allies in orchestrating a truly outstanding fusion of music: old and new. Green Day’s Brain Stew was hammerfisted into Little Nas’ Old Town Road which made for an unexpected and electrifying diversion from the predicted 333 setlist.


FEVER 333 are honest, exciting and uphold a moral standard of excellence. No matter whether you like their music or not, you have to respect their hustle and drive to make a stronger and more caring society.


After this performance, well if there ever was any doubt, no one can deny that there is a motherf*cking fever coming.


5/5 Bytes

Callum Huthwaite


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