WUDi – L Bomb

Through his sheer talent and wit, WUDi turns awkwardness into comedy in playful new track L Bomb.


WUDi is the exciting new Londoner on the scene; a singer-songwriter and beatmaker who’s been making music since the tender age of 14 and has recently dropped his brand new, self-written, self-produced single L Bomb. This exciting new track has been described as “working-class pop with working-class lyrics” and shines a light on the somewhat awkward moment of the L-word being dropped just a little bit too soon.


L Bomb recreates a scene that every one of its listeners will be familiar with and it doesn’t matter which side of the conversation you were on, there’s a little bit of something in there for everybody. Whether you were the one who said the L-word too soon or the one that had someone say it to you just that little bit too early, WUDi takes this potentially awkward and hurtful situation and skilfully twists it into a playful and comedic three-minute piece that keeps you bopping along the whole way. 


Metaphors like “I’d rather keep a gentle simmer going than boiling everything out of the soup” are comical and unique and never fail to bring a smile to my face every time I hear them, and WUDi is successful in keeping the energy high and the atmosphere light for the duration of the song. As scary as the thought of this situation might be to many of us, WUDi transforms this awkwardness into an enjoyable and trivial experience that is comic, energetic, and quick-witted throughout.


L Bomb isn’t the only gem WUDi has on offer, if you fancied this track then you should have a listen to the likes of City Pretty and Wabi Sabi which both feature his recognisably witty lyrics and the concoction of instruments in the backing track that make his music stand out. For the moment he’s still a relatively new, emerging artist so go and show him your support!


4/5 Bytes

Celia Moon


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