Sunset Sons @ Electric Brixton (28/11/2019)

Sunset Sons surf into a sold-out Brixton Electric for a spectacular conclusion to their UK tour

Last week saw UK-Australian indie outfit Sunset Sons celebrate the final date of their November UK tour at the Electric Brixton. Straight off the back of their second studio album Blood Rush Déjà Vu, released that same month, the end of the tour also marked the end of a busy year for the band. The album announcement itself, way back in August, came after a busy summer full of intimate shows and festival appearances.

With perhaps the most archetypal ‘indie’ description of any band on earth (a UK-Australian group of lads who met on a surfing beach in France) and touring credentials most up and coming bands would only dream about (having toured with Imagine Dragons in 2015 and Nothing But Thieves in 2018) the show promised to be a good one. 

As fans streamed into the venue during fantastic support acts from London alt-rock trio Natural Mystery Museum and upbeat indie-rock 4-piece Novacub, the tension was almost palpable. Although, the true scale of the excitement only really came to light just before the start of the main event.


As the band came onto the stage and jumped straight into Running Man, the anthemic lead single from 2018’s The River EP, the screams and cheers made it very clear how large of a crowd had coalesced in the venue. This marked the general theme of their colossal hour and 45-minute set; an impressive feat considering the band only released their debut album in 2016.

As the band hit the chorus in their second song, Eyes Wide Open, the eponymous lyrics of the chorus were screamed from every mouth in the crowd. The same was done for the next song Bright Lights, too; with the enthusiastic Rory ditching his keyboard to wander the stage, working the crowd through the chorus.

This was to be the introduction of Rory’s interactions with the crowd, truly showing his expertise in keeping his audience enthralled. Leaving his keyboard whenever possible, he would venture out to different parts of the stage – whether interacting with Jed, the drummer, or joining bassist, Pete on the edge near the crowd.


This came to its logical conclusion near the show’s end. Unable to leave his keyboard during On the Road, Rory instead decided to take one with him into the crowd, utilising a Mini-Piano and a wireless microphone while surrounded by his fans. However, this did not leave the stage attendants in a good mood as they were forced to venture out with him, to little success.

After Rory’s return to the stage, they finished off with an extended chorus and drew a rather clichéd close to the show. After numerous ‘one more song’s and cheers, Rory was illuminated by a single spotlight centre-stage, performing a heartfelt solo/piano rendition of Favourite Mistake, towards the end of which his bandmates re-joined him on stage, displaying a touching moment between Pete and Rory. This was to be the only low-energy moment of the show, however, as they then jumped straight into their final two songs, Somewhere Maybe and Superman


Determined not to end their last show of the tour on a low note, the band gave their all in the final songs, both ending with huge walls of sound and exciting performances from each member. Stage attendants were again called into action to quell the frantic eruption of last-minute crowd surfers. And then, just like that, the show was over. 

Sunset Sons’ energetic, polished performance makes it easy to see why they’ve got to the position they have so quickly, but the way that the band interact and involve their fans assures that they won’t be quick to forget their origins.

Oh, and they played the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme as everyone left the venue for some reason.

4/5 Bytes

Jacob Barrow

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