Indoor Pets @ Heartbreakers, Southampton (01.02.20)

Indoor Pets finished off their independent venue tour with a sweaty sold-out show at Heartbreakers, Southampton.

Almost a year after the release of their debut album Be Content, Indoor Pets are back out on another tour for Independent Venue Week. I caught their finale show at Heartbreakers in Southampton.

First on stage were Southampton locals Jetski Babylon, a band unlike the usual openers for indoor pets. The five-piece had an alt-rock sound that was quite heavy in comparison to the headliners. Despite the small venue and being the first act on, the band came out with a lot of energy and a lot of stage presence. The way they moved was true to their sound as the singer danced, jumped and thrashed around the stage.

Next up was Orchards, a Brighton based indie-pop quartet. I had seen Orchards open for Indoor Pets before and was excited to see them again. Frontwoman Lucy Evers was full of energy, jumping around the stage and showing off her high kicks while perfectly delivering the band’s songs alongside her musical comrades. Orchards effectively got the audience to engage with their set, moving into the crowd and bringing them into the music. They played some of their more well-known tracks like Honey and Peggy which boosted the energy in the room.

Brighton Indie-poppers Orchards supporting Indoor Pets

Indoor Pets, originally from Sittingbourne but now based in London, are a band known for their catchy power-pop songs and high energy performances. The self-deprecating lyrics mixed with the upbeat Indie pop music makes them stand out for not taking themselves too seriously but creating something that will get an introvert, like myself, out of the house and on a train to see them.

As the room waited for the headline act to take the stage, the background music took a strange turn as the speakers distributed meme music around the room; something the band has done at other shows to illustrate their comedic/non-serious edge.

The sold-out room erupted in cheers as the band stepped onto the stage, opening their set with a song from their first EP that made it onto their debut album, Cutie Pie, I’m Bloated. This upbeat song was a great start, immediately elevating the energy in the room with both the band and the audience jumping around and singing along.

Another of the band’s older songs, Barbiturates, was an instant hit with the audience. It was only the fourth song of their set, and a man stepped onto the stage before diving into the crowd and being lifted to the back, illustrating the electric atmosphere in the room. Clearly, this was nothing new to the band as they continued, unfazed by the rowdy fans.

Nearly halfway through the set, Jamie asked if the band could play a new song and, of course, the audience had no objections. The new song, Litmus Paper, showed a different side to the band’s music, as the song had a heavier vibe than those on the album. This theme was evident in the other new songs they played, Dopamine Girls, Stink Eye and London. London was particularly riff-driven, echoing the sound of their earlier release Electrify.

Indoor Pets finished their set off with fan favourite, Pro Procrastinator, the lyrics of which are some of the most self-deprecating and relatable. These lyrics accompany an upbeat and catchy tune which is why it is one of their more popular songs. The audience jumped around along with the band, ending the night as one sweaty mob.

I managed to catch lead singer, Jamie Glass, for a quick chat after the gig. I asked him about the darker tone of the new songs, and he said that the songs that the audience gets into the most and seems to really enjoy are the darker songs like Barbiturates and Electrify and that’s why they have started going in that direction for the new songs.

Following this performance and hearing some of the new songs, I am looking forward to whatever they have to release next, even if it does take on a different tone from the last record. If you haven’t listened to it yet, then I’d definitely recommend it!

5/5 Bytes

Dawn Brissenden

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