Lockdown Lowdown: FEET

“We’re now several songs deep into the second record, and exciting times lay ahead” – find out how the FEET flat are coping during these “less-than-lovely times”.

FEET have captured the attention of many with their brand of nostalgic indie-rock and their fun-loving attitude – if you follow the band on Twitter, you are sure to have enjoyed a few yucks over their content during lockdown. Lucky all living together in a flat in London, the band have managed to use this time productively and have even taken to the internet to perform fan-favourites, covers and new material in their ‘Live From The FEET Flat’ series via NME. Taking a break from perfecting some of their latest tunes for their second record, we asked FEET a few questions to discuss how these times are affecting musicians and find out a little more about how the landscape of the music industry will look moving forward.

What have you been listening to recently to ease the boredom of being cooped up?

Delving deep into the darkest depths of our record collection, christ there’s some filler in there. Anything that pre-dates ’78 will have you feeling warm, gooey and nostalgic for a time you’re not even close to calling “my day”.

How have you found the extended period in isolation has impacted your creativity? Have you found it to be a blessing or a curse?

Living with each other we’re very fortunate to be able to have an artistic outlet at the palm of our hands. As a result, we’re now several songs deep into the second record, and exciting times lay ahead.

Have you taken to any social media platforms to deliver live performances during this time? If so, how did you find the reception?

We’ve dabbled in the odd livestream, important for our followers to see our faces, that we still exist etc. It’s also a risk-free way of taking some of the new songs for a test-drive. The reception of such has been nice, I suppose having any form of closeness with a band you like gives a much-needed comfort, in these less-than-lovely times.

Do you think this time will see a rise in ‘DIY’ musicians stepping into the spotlight? Do you think this is a good thing for the industry?

Potentially. The issue is that many of the younger, less established bands don’t have the platform on their own to compete with those above them in business. Creativity will be the way the more DIY acts are able to stand out. I think it’s a good time to be creating, a time that many will look back on and compare with others how they spent it.

How do you think this period will shape the music landscape for the years to come?

The outcome; whether it be a vaccine, herd immunity or a slow phasing out, will surely determine whether or not we’re to see a boom in gig-goers or not. The demand is there, but the safety will always come first. I think there’s a potential for a really exciting period of music. If you look at the way music is consumed, pop has survived better during the lockdown, whereas genres more dependant on the live component has suffered. So it’ll be about shifting the balance of power back to live music that will be the catalyst for a landscape change.

What is the first thing you are going to do when this is all over?

All family and all friends, at the pub, next.

Have you got a message for any of your fans that might be reading this? Any means by which they can support yourselves/the band at this time?

Stay engaged I suppose, we’ve got 3 or so sessions still to come out, daily lockdown diaries via twitter, and a cooking show that’ll show ya’ll how to build the best veggie lasagne maybe in the world. Above all look out for each other and stay close to loved ones etc. Crease n love x

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