Sunday Spotlight – Tarah Who?

Introduce us to your band!

TGC: Tarah Who? is a fascinating flashback to 90s rock with anthemic singalong choruses and a raw, grunge edge. Tarah Who? aren’t afraid to do their own thing with their unique brand of intense, engaging rock.

How did you guys start out?

CH: I joined Tarah Who? Three years ago.

TGC: I started the project in 2006 when I first moved to Los Angeles. I went through a few musicians and producers until finding Coralie, three years ago. We hit it off and we work really well together. 

Describe your band’s sound

CH: Our sound is a mix between different genres like rock/punk/grunge but at the same time we have our own sound, it’s heavy and raw.

TGC: Yes, and most importantly we don’t try to sound like anyone in particular. We try to stay authentic to the original feelings and emotions of the songs, even if it takes us somewhere different. 

What influences your craft?

CH: My favorite band is NIghtwish, a symphonic metal band from Finland, I love this genre !!! More generally I’ll say metal and classic rock.

TGC: I am a 90s, grunge, punk rock, garage, kid. Motorhead, Pantera, RATM, The Distillers, Tool etc…. 

What makes your project different?

TGC: I guess the fact that we are two women playing really loud rock and not trying to fit in or sell out? I think that is what people like when they discover us anyway. 

When introducing people to your music, what song should I show them first? What is your quintessential track?

CH: It’s a difficult question because our songs are pretty different, I’ll say Sirens, I think. It’s a powerful song but there is a much calmer part and I think it represents us pretty well.

TGC: Oh that is interesting, I was going to say Ache which I feel is our signature song for the same reasons Coralie has mentioned! We are intense and loud, there are a few screams and soft singing – the lyrics are autobiographical. We played this tour, and I swear from the West Coast to the East Coast we have heard people say several times, “You guys sound like If Motorhead was fronted by Alanis Morissette”, which I thought was SO accurate that we used this to describe our sound!

What has been the biggest struggle in your career so far?

TGC: There have been a few challenges here and there. There will be more, I am sure. One of the latest struggles was to have a whole European tour scheduled and taken care of, and on super short notice, had to figure out how to “replace” our bass player who had decided not to come anymore, and Coralie had some visa delays and was not able to come so I had to teach the songs to a new drummer Jeannette Lawler who learned 2 sets in one week. She literally saved the tour, and this is how we became a duo.

What has been the biggest highlight in your career so far?

TGC: A couple things: 1- being pre-selected for the grammys, 2- becoming a duo and seeing everyone’s response and being able to move forward, 3- signing to a label (recently) 4- having the best team: Coralie, Maria and crew, Jason Orme.

How bright is the future of your band – what are the plans?

TGC: Super bright. We just signed to this new label and we are about to do some really exciting things! WE can’t say much but we are working on a lot of goodies and promo. New EP coming out soon! 

When all is said and done, how would you like to be remembered?

CH: Hoping that people had fun seeing us live and that some people could relate to our songs.

TGC: YEah I agree, I hope to have given you as much entertainment and inspiration. That we will have gone as far as we possibly could, showing that we made it despite a lot of rejections! I hope that women will dare to play more, and that musicians will feel more creative and dare to be themselves rather than trying to be someone else.

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