The Cat’s Out The Bag

Chandler Waller's Blog

There’s something about being in a pandemic that pushes us to make rash choices. Pursuing a new idea or dream that is completely out of the blue, much like how I came to creating this blog. I’d like to consider myself as an adventurous type of person, constantly having something different to work towards and always putting myself forward for new beginnings and ideas.

So it’s with great pleasure that I can announce my latest new adventure will be moving to Australia. WILD.

This is obviously as soon as I am able to with everything currently being on hold, thanks Corona. All it took was one FaceTime call from my cousin who currently lives in Perth to convince me that I should venture down under.

I had hoped to go travelling after completing my university degree some 3-4 years ago, but I constantly found myself in a rut. I finally…

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