Our passion is music – and we know yours is too. As a sextet of friends, we strive to provide you with the latest news and reviews from the music industry stratosphere. We offer a personal and insightful viewpoint into the genres you love, from RnB to Alternative Rock, Soul to Pop, there is something for everyone. 

WaveByteLive was established in 2017, a blogging site with a purpose of providing a raw and intimate experience for our readers. Our aim is to provide those who share our devotion to music, a first person experience into the current wave of endless talent filtering through the industry. Original photography, written reviews and a social media feed of the latest news keep our audience at the forefront of their music world.

Our team of full-time students comprise of Dan Baker, James Donaldson, Callum Huthwaite, Aaron Jackson, Jamie Law and Will Wilkins, enjoying this as a hobby in the spare time we have. Music is a substantial part of all our lives, some of us play and others listen, we may not all agree on what is right; but we certainly agree that the world would be an extremely monotonous place without it.

Feel free to join us in our mission of keeping you in the flow,

The Wave Byte team