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Aaron Jackson


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Music is a genuine passion of mine and I love working for WaveByte as it’s the perfect creative outlet for my passion. If I had to describe my music taste I would have to use the blanket term of ‘alternative’ – I’m a massive fan of any demonstration of genuine talent and exciting songwriting. I could go on for days about the various aspects of music I love but I’ll keep this short and sweet. There are a huge number of artists out there who put unbelievable amounts of effort into their work and often, this work goes underappreciated whilst the mainstream gives all its attention to the same handful of ‘radio friendly unit shifters’ who don’t always necessarily deserve it. I want to give more recognition and more love to those artists out there who really deserve it – hopefully, through my writing, I can.

Favourite Band: Arcane Roots

Favourite Album: The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me by Brand New

Favourite Song: Where Is My Mind? by Pixies

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Callum Huthwaite



I love music and get way too emotional when talking about it. Writing is one thing that I think I enjoy more than listening to music, working with Wavebyte allows me to fuse both my passions together. Most of the music I listen to is greeted with a “…what? Who?” kind of attitude, but I enjoy giving recognition to the artists that I feel deserve it rather than those that are forced through the radio at me. I see music as being the medium that brings all art together, I have a fascination with the creative process of writing music (in particular, the curation of lyrics) and the way in which it links with the aesthetic of an artist. As a result of this I find myself listening to a large array of music, with this I hope to give you a different flavour. I love going to gigs and being in the same space as people who love an artist as much as I do.

Favourite Artist: The Wonder Years

Favourite Album: World Record by Lower Than Atlantis

Favourite Song: I Just Want to Sell Out My Funeral by The Wonder Years

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Will Wilkins

Social Media & Communications

28162307_10215655011754121_2544224257299426446_o-1As cliché as it sounds, music is one of the most important things in my life. Those who know me in real life, and have known me for the past five years, will know that I’ve changed a lot – it’s been a gradual and steady change, but a welcome one. Along with my entire being, my music taste has evolved through a steady change – from EDM to dubstep, to metal, to pop punk. I’ve tried it all and finally settled on my few favourites. The music I love the most is the alternative style of math rock; distorted guitar, strong drums, and powerful vocals which punch a message into your very soul. There’s nothing more I love than a song that makes me feel that even though I’ve been through some tough rides, I’ve always come out stronger. We at WaveByte are determined to provide a balanced and unbiased portrayal of how music influences us, and why we think you’ll enjoy it too.

Favourite Artist: BROCKHAMPTON

Favourite Album: Melancholia Hymns by Arcane Roots

Favourite Song: Cocoon by Catfish and the Bottlemen

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Celia Moon

Social Media & Submissions


While my music taste has been forever developing and growing throughout the years, a lot from my younger teenage years remains religiously with me. The bands and artists I loved and listened to back then are still prominent within all my playlists to this day and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to shake the hold they have over me, not that I’d ever want to. The way I can so easily be thrown right back to a specific place and time just from listening to the opening bars of a song is incredible, and it always serves to reminds me just how far I’ve come since the first time I heard it. It’s like my own little time machine.

I’m always looking for new band suggestions, and as someone who was born with little-to-no musical talent, experiencing as wide a variety as I can is the best way for me to explore the world of music. WaveByte has given me the opportunity to learn about the medium I love, discover so many more incredible artists, and write about them as well, and it’s beyond exciting to be a part of the WaveByte team.

Favourite Band: Tonight Alive

Favourite Album: My Head is an Animal by Of Monsters and Men

Favourite Song: Please You by Clockwork Radio

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Megan Foxen



I’ve been taking photos ever since I could hold a camera and my love for music developed quickly after. Ever since I knew that music photography was a thing I became obsessed with the idea but never thought I would ever be brave enough to try. I have looked up to the likes of Adam Elmakias since I started regularly going to gigs and always dreamt of what could be.

WaveByte has helped me get a taste of what my two passions merging could be like, giving me the opportunity to photograph bands such as The Dirty Nil, Movements, Seaway and State Champs. The sense of community and the rush of live music is one I never want to lose and is home to some of my favourite memories.

Getting the opportunity to capture these moments is extremely rewarding and takes me one step closer to a dream I never let myself think could ever be a reality.

Favourite Band: Don Broco

Favourite Album: Colour Blind by Seaway

Favourite Song: Daylily by Movements

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Fraser Wakeling


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From buying my first CD – shamefully ‘A Present for Everyone’ by Busted, to playing the drums and now working for WaveByte, music has always been a huge part of my life.

Despite focussing on pop-punk, I like to think my taste in music is an eclectic mix of different genres, and I always keep an open mind when it comes to listening to new artists. Alongside music, writing and photography are two other mediums through which I like to express myself. There is always something new to learn with music photography, and the ability to capture a snapshot in time, of the atmosphere, energy and feel of a gig is something which I find incredibly rewarding.

Accompanied by words, and shared for other people to enjoy, the pieces I work on for WaveByte really do give me a sense of pride, I hope you enjoy them.

Favourite Band: Blink-182

Favourite Album: Common Courtesy by A Day to Remember

Favourite Song: With Me by Sum41


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Guest Writing 

We actively encourage and welcome anyone who shares our interest in the vast stratosphere that is the music industry to come forward. If you think you would like to write for us (absolutely any content you think would be relevant) then please feel free to Logosend over an enquiry to info@wavebyte.co.uk . Writing for us is a great way to exercise your passion for music through the art of literature, as well as getting your work out there on an up-and-coming music blog. You would also be helping us out as you, through sharing your work, are sharing WaveByte as a brand. Of course, any guest writers would be fully credited for their work – on the website and across social media.


The WaveByte Team x